In 1996, my dear friend Cathy was losing her 14 year battle against breast cancer. Her husband had left her with no health insurance. Cathy was told by Medi-Cal and Social Security that she was not eligible for benefits because of her age and because she was without dependent children.

Through my efforts with her County Supervisor's office and US Congressmen's office, Cathy was able to receive Social Security benefits, Medi-Cal and hospice care for the remaining months of her life. Cathy was able to get services quickly not because of me, but because I knew who to call.

The purpose of Compassion in Action - USA is to educate the public through public information meetings and provide individual advocacy efforts so that all of the "Cathys" in our lives can be helped. We are ready to reach out with compassion and to take action for those who need it.

-Barbara Case, President
Compassion in Action - USA




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